Online Gambling News

Last month in Washington State online gambling was deemed illegal and a felony. The states says that online gambling can cause people to loose homes, families split up, and over all hardship. Hmm well I would buy this if they said all forms of gambling is bad, and not just online gambling.

If Washington state was so concerned about the people in the state that might be addicted to gambling, then they need to stop all lotteries, close down all Indian casinos and shut down all these poker rooms popping up everywhere.

How can you say one form of gambling is ok, and another form is not? Neither are controlled. The Indian casinos don’t say, hey you have spent to much now leave. The stores selling lottery tickets do not put a limit on how much you can buy each week.

So what is the true reason they don’t want you gambling online? Well our opinion is they can’t control online gambling establishments, including taxes them on winnings and losses. Now if they made online casinos and poker rooms legal, they could tax it.